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DiGOS provides seismic measurement equipment for research, infrastructual monitoring and civil engineering activities worldwide.


Our seismic data recorder DATA-CUBE³ and the plug & play add-on CCUBE for real-time data streaming are the basis of our product portfolio. Over the years, we have developed various tailored solutions for our customers that support almost every seismic sensor on the market and many infra-sound sensors. Our field-proven devices and solutions are continuously used in more than 50 countries around the world in all geographic regions including the challenging Arctic, Antarctic and desert environments.

Developed for real field applications & live streaming of geophysical measurements. Discover our Products:

DATA-CUBE³: The Seismic Data Recorder

The DATA-CUBE³ is the perfect stand-alone 3-channel seismic data logger when it comes to robustness, reliability and handling. The concept and design of the DATA-CUBE³ is the result of years of expertise by scientists and engineers from seismic installations and handling experience under rough field conditions.


Type 1

With its internal GPS antenna and internal battery compartment, the DATA-CUBE³ Type 1 is the ideal companion for short term campaigns. The robust and ultra-compact, all-round data recorder can be operated for up to two weeks by the power of only two D-cells and is therefore ideally suited for active seismic measurements.


Type 2

The DATA-CUBE³ Type 2 has a flexible external GPS antenna which allows to operate the device for long time measurements inside a building with continuous time correction. A recording time of up to 230 days will be achieved when using a standard car battery (80 Ah).



Live Data Streaming

The CCUBE is designed to reliably transmit seismic data with minimal power consumption via LTE, Wi-Fi or any other IP-based communication method. It is designed to cooperate perfectly together with the DATA-CUBE³ and is ideally for remote DATA-CUBE³ maintaining and data streaming. 



Complete System

The CUBE+ combines the full know-how of our seismic product range into an all-in-one device. The compact, quick to set up all-rounder for permanent field use is housed in a robust polymer case which stands harsh environmental conditions. 



The Short Way to Large Data

Without a robust and reliable sensor, the best data recorder is useless. Therefore, DiGOS has a passive 4.5 Hz 3-component-geophone in its standard portfolio. The rugged housing is equipped with a 3 m cable and detachable spikes. The installed coils do not require any power, which makes them ideal to use with the extremely energy-saving DATA-CUBE³ .

Breakout Box


One for all, all for one

Specially designed breakout boxes (BOB) allow to connect almost any sensor to the DATA-CUBE³. The small multi-talents can: Supply active sensors with the required power, connect each channel of the DATA-CUBE³ to a separate sensor, adapt the sensor voltage to the DATA-CUBE³ , …


Software and Documentation

Portfolio Presentation

Here yon can download our seismic products brochure.


In this section you will find Datasheets, user manuals and quick-start guides für DATA-CUBE, CCUBE & CubeMobitor

Version 03.2020

Excerpt from User Manual

Excerpt from User Manual

Excerpt from User Manual

Excerpt from User Manual

for CubeMonitor

Conversion Software

The most recent CubeTools software package requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to be installed on the local machine. Please make sure to download and install JRE. We recommend to use this version of the CubeTools!

Release 2024.170 / 946 KB, w/o Java Runtime Environment

Release 2024.170 / 939 KB, w/o Java Runtime Environment

up to version 2024.170

The old version of the CubeTools software package includes a Java Runtime Environmat (JRE) for 32 Bit systems only. It stays available for historic reasons and we don’t recommend to use it! Please download the most recent CubeTools provided in the section above and install the JRE separately as described!

Release 2022.171 / 685KB, w/o Java Runtime Environment

Release 2022.171 / 671KB, w/o Java Runtime Environment

Release 2015.196 / 63MB, “standalone”, includes 32 bit Java Runtime

Release 2015.196 / 51MB, “standalone”, includes 32 bit Java Runtime

Monitoring software

The CubeMonitor software is intended to display DATA-CUBE boot process (when connected before power on), to display DATA-CUBE recordings in real time, to show peak-to-peak amplitude values and to select different high-pass filters (recommended for viewing broadband registrations).

Using CubeMonitor requires the connection of the DATA-CUBE terminal port to the PC/laptop via a special monitoring cable (black). Please see the Readme for additional information.

Release 2018.179 / 2MB

for CubeMonitor