For a Complete, Autonomous Field Installation

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Our CUBE+ solution is the right choice for a complete, autonomous field installation. It’s easy to prepare the CUBE+ in the lab and safely deploy a seismic station in the field. This allows a seamless installation of a complete measurement stations in the field under demanding environmental conditions and reduces logistic efforts. The CUBE+ design is customizable and based on our reliable data logger DATA-CUBE³. Typically the CUBE+ comprises the streaming add-on CCUBE, a sensor-specific breakout box (BOB), power & charge controller with battery and also solar panels for power autonomy. All components are integrated in a robust, field-compatible transport box that is deployed directly in the field. Only the sensor and a potential additional power supply are to be connected to complete an installation.


Complete System


The CUBE+ combines the full know-how of our seismic product range into an all-in-one device. The compact, quick to set up all-rounder for permanent field use is housed in a robust polymer case which stands harsh environmental conditions.



System highly customizable to customer specifications

Streaming possibility

Internal Battery

Possibility for external backup battery

Charge controller for solar panel


The CUBE+ concept is scalable and the setup allow customization according to special customer requirements. Flexible interface of the CUBE+ allow adding external power supplies (batteries, solar, mains), different sensors and peripherals. For new campaign scenarios the customer can also individually use the integrated devices like DATA-CUBE³ and CCUBE. This way, DiGOS offers the highest technical flexibility for future projects.