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We realize that many of our customers have special requirements for their research or operational systems. Therefore, we offer tailored technical solutions which exactly match our customer’s needs. As a system integration with in-house software and hardware developments, we are able to efficiently adapt our products to different needs and specific environments. We also offer consulting services, staff training and maintanance / repair of existing systems. Get in touch with us to discuss your ideas!

Custom Solutions for Your Specific Requirements.

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Matera Software Upgrade

Within the MLRO project, DiGOS is cooperating with the company e-GEOS to modernize the existing control system of the Laser Ranging Station for the Italian Space Agency (ASI). Thereby, DiGOS provided support for replacing system components with commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) products and is updating the station software to current standards.


Potsdam SLR Station

Often, SLR stations are owned and operated at the institutional level. This can lead to ‘multi-generational’ and heterogeneous control systems, iterated over several tenures, often difficult to operation, to maintain and to extend toward modern SLR operations. At the GFZ campus in Potsdam, such a situation was presented and led to the development of DiGOS’ proprietary control software, SCOPE. This engineering task replaced a variety of software packages designed for heritage computing systems, with a modular, upgradeable, and user-friendly package. SCOPE is quickly becoming a new standard in SLR control.


New Laser Ranging Station for Japanese Space Agency (JAXA)

At the end of 2018, DiGOS won an international tender to develop and install a new Laser Ranging Station for JAXA. This station will be based on the innovative and flexible design of the ESA LRS and establishes a new standard for modern Laser Ranging Stations.


New ESA Laser Ranging Station (ELRS)

DiGOS developed a new Satellite Laser Ranging Station for the European Space Agency (ESA) together with an international team of subcontractors. The highly flexible, state-of-the-art Laser Ranging Station is designed to also support fully automated operation, space debris ranging and optical satellite communication in the future. The station was installed on Tenerife/Spain.