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DiGOS are the experts when it comes to systems integration in the fields of satellite or space debris laser ranging, geodetic measurements, and optical ground stations. Our experience is in solving complex tasks for large and small partners, developing efficient and user-friendly solutions from turnkey laser ranging stations to bespoke measurement devices and much more in between.

A DiGOS hallmark is our slim administration and detailed focus on efficient and economic system implementations.

We are locals to Potsdam, Germany, with our roots at the historic German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) research campus, we are now located at a short distance, with our new offices in lively Babelsberg.


Problem Solvers

At DiGOS, we are nothing without our team. With depth of experience in SLR, geodetic systems, and computer sciences; coupled with multi-disciplinary engineering expertise, we are incredibly proud of our fast-growing team of problem solvers.
We employ electronics engineers, system engineers, project managers and administrators, computer scientists, hardware designers and geoscience specialists. We pride ourselves on our inclusive, equal opportunity, work environment, and flexible working arrangements.
If you enjoy working in a small team, working on big projects, please visit our careers page.

André Kloth

Co-founder & managing director of DiGOS
Master of Computer Science
Technical working background: autonomous field station software design and implementation, satellite communication and complex sensor systems integration (seismic & GNSS stations, tide gauges and buoys for the Indonesian and Indian Ocean Tsunami warning system)
Project management for SLR stations, seismic & GNSS station networks, etc.


Jens Steinborn

Co-founder & managing director of DiGOS
Computer Science (advanced study period)
Technical working background in engineering, design and implementation of complex software & hardware systems including real-time applications, remote & autonomous system operation, SLR expert.

Strong Together

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