The Short Way to Large Data

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Without a robust and reliable sensor, the best data recorder is useless. Therefore, DiGOS has a passive 4.5 Hz 3-component-geophone in its standard portfolio.

Customizable on request


The rugged housing is equipped with a 3 m cable and detachable spikes. The installed coils do not require any power, which makes them ideal to use with the extremely energy-saving DATA-CUBE3. Since DiGOS is known for high flexibility, we also offer other types of geophones on customer request. Other frequencies, number of measured axes and different cable lengths are possible too.



3-channel (x, y, z axis); Frequency: 4,5 Hz


Sensitivity: 28.0 V/(m/s)


Operating temp.: -40 C to 100 °C


Weight: 880 g


Size: body: 115 x 90 x 55 mm, spike length: 75 mm, typical cable length: 3 m (different cable types and lengths are possible on request)