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A wide range of existing sensors can be connected to the DATA-CUBE³. Passive sensors like geophone can mostly be connected directly to our DATA-CUBE³ data logger. Active sensors require a small breakout box (BOB) for power provision and signal adaptation.

for various sensor

Breakout Box

DiGOS has long-standing experience in designing and manufacturing breakout boxes (BOB) for various sensor. We have out-of-the-box BOBs for seismic and infrasound sensors of all well-known manufacturers. We also manufacture BOBs for highly specific to extend our portfolio. Our engineers are familiar with a broad range of sensors and are experts to design robust solutions that are suitable for field application.



Supply active sensors with the required power


Connect each channel of the DATA-CUBE3 to a separate sensor


Adapt the sensor voltage to the DATA-CUBE3 


Preserve rechargeable batteries with a deep discharge protection


Provide lock, unlock & centering functions 


Provide the possibility to read out the mass position


Very small


Power supply for DATA-CUBE³ and sensor


Possibility of additional functions

The DATA-CUBE³ (+ BOB) operates with nearly every seismic sensor like:

  • Geophones
  • Broadband seismometers from Nanometrics, Lennartz, Guralp etc.
  • Infrasonic sensors like e.g. Chaparral, Item, etc.
  • Tiltmeters like e.g. Jewell