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The CCUBE is designed to reliably transmit seismic data with minimal power consumption via LTE, Wi-Fi or any other IP-based communication method. It is designed to cooperate perfectly together with the DATA-CUBE3 and is ideally for remote DATA-CUBE3 maintaining and data streaming.

Live Data Streaming


The CCUBE (Communication CUBE) is the optimal DATA-CUBE³ extension for near real-time seismic data streaming in miniSEED format (seedlink).


IP Communication

Live streaming for geophysical instruments

The CCUBE (Communication Cube) is a modular communication device for real-time data transmission. It is an add-on to the DATA-CUBE³ and was developed in collaboration between the seismology group of University of Potsdam, Omnirecs, GFZ Potsdam and Gempa GmbH to extend the possible application range of the field-proven DATA-CUBE³. The CCUBE is designed for low power operation and to reliably transmit seismic data via 4G/LTE, WiFi or other IP-based communication methods.

Well suited

For applications like:

Tsunami or hazard early warning systems which require continuous live sensor data for quick analysis, risk mitigation and fast reactions based on ultra-rapid assessments

Classical long-term seismology

Other geophysical installations that benefit from the streamed live data and state-of-health monitoring


Operating system:

Embedded Debian Linux



miniSEED via seedlink server & Cube plugin



Wi-Fi (802.11bgn); LTE (4G), Ethernet



100 x 100 x 83 mm (830 ml)