Range Gate Generator

Electronics hardware for SLR stations

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The Range Gate Generator is used in laser ranging systems to generate triggers for both the laser and the detector. Through highly accurate detector gating, the noise level can be reduced significantly, which also enables daylight operation. It is highly configurable, supports different operation modes and is compatible with a wide range of hardware.

Highly configurable

Range Gate



The new RG2 is highly configurable, supports different operation modes, gate sizes, delay settings, etc. Its design is based on expertise from the previous RG1, developed in 2015 by DiGOS and the GFZ SLR team. Which is operating at SLR systems in Potsdam/Germany and Metsähovi/Finland.


RG2 features

Fully supported by SCOPE
Dynamic timing configuration depending on target & operation mode
Emergency button for laser power off
Gating accuracy of <10ns
19 inch rack unit (1RU)
Firmware written in C


Input interfaces:

1PPS for time synchronization

10MHz for clock signal

2x RS-232 for command and control

Optional external stop signal

Output interfaces:

Laser trigger

Gate signal

Optional: autostop