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Seismic Instruments Developed for real field applications.

DATA-CUBE & CCUBE Documentation

LED blink codes

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Detailed configuration

Excerpt from User Manual

Conversion software

The most recent CubeTools software package requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to be installed on the local machine. Please make sure to download and install JRE. We recommend to use this version of the CubeTools!

CubeTools Release 2021.327 for Linux

(685KB, without Java Runtime Environment)

CubeTools Release 2021.327 for Windows

(671KB, without Java Runtime Environment)

CubeTools Release 2021.168 for Linux (old)

(685KB, without Java Runtime Environment)

CubeTools Release 2021.168 for Windows (old)

(671KB, without Java Runtime Environment)

Monitoring software

The CubeMonitor software is intended to display DATA-CUBE boot process (when connected before power on), to display DATA-CUBE recordings in real time, to show peak-to-peak amplitude values and to select different high-pass filters (recommended for viewing broadband registrations).

Using CubeMonitor requires the connection of the DATA-CUBE terminal port to the PC/laptop via a special (black) monitoring cable (FTDI TTL-232R-3V3). Please see the Readme for additional information

Conversion software (old)

The old version of the CubeTools software package includes a Java Runtime Environmat (JRE) for 32 Bit systems only. It stays available for historic reasons and we don't recommend to use it! Please download the most recent CubeTools provided in the section above and install the JRE separately as described!

CubeTools Release 2015.196 for Linux

(63MB, “standalone”, includes 32 bit Java Runtime)

CubeTools Release 2015.196 for Windows

(51MB, “standalone”, includes 32 bit Java Runtime)


We also offer dedicated training sessions and consulting for DATA-CUBE³ & CCUBE including campaign planning, site survey, field handling, configuration, installation, monitoring, data retrieval, etc.

Please don't hesitate to ask us for additional information!

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